Eat Well. Be Well.


Chocolate Martini

Van Gogh chocolate vodka, Absolut vanilla vodka, with a hint of chocolate liquor. Finished with a rim of shaved chocolate. Also available with a touch of Chambord.

Mango Martini

White run and mango preserves joined by a sweet wine punch, layered over cranberry juice and garnished with fresh mango.


Mint and lime infused rum over muddled lime, lemon and freshly picked garden mint, shaken with lemon sour.

Ruby Wisdom

Muddled ruby red grapefruit and sage, turbinado sugar, golden rum, and a splash of lemon lime soda.

Calienté y Dolce

Chipotle infused tequila over muddle orange and cherry with a splash of soda and pineapple juice.

Smoky Maria

Chipotle infused tequila in our house made Bloody Mary concoction, garnished with seasonal vegetables.

Bistro Coffee

Golden rum, Bailey's Irish Cream and Tia Maria in a up of fresh hot Seattle's Best coffee.

Bacon Maple Manhattan

Bacon infused bourbon in a classic Manhattan preparation and garnished with candied bacon.


Malibu coconut rum, muddled lime and sugar, and a splash of soda.

Hot and Sweet Mango

Tequila and mango preserver, two dashes of pick-a-pepper hot sauce, Thai basil, lime juice and garnished with fresh garden grown basil.

Raspberry Mule

Vodka and Chambord, lime, ginger beer and fresh garden grown mint.

Rum Punch

White rum, orange and pineapple juices, served on the rocks with a slice of orange and a cherry.