Eat Well. Be Well.

The Grande Dame

This classic Victorian building was was originally constructed in 1902 by Dr. Stanley Nelson. Dr. Nelson came to the Adirondacks when he was ill with tuberculosis. The thinking at the time was that the clean mountain air would be the cure. When Dr. Nelson recovered he decided to stay and open a family practice here in Old Forge.

This building was built to serve as Dr. Nelson’s home as well as his office, that is the reason for the two front doors. The bar area is where Dr. Nelson’s office and apothecary were located and the dining room, kitchen and upstairs was the Nelson family residence.

This building has served many purposes over the years from it’s origin as the town doctor’s office, a private residence, a real estate office as well as the offices of the Adirondack Express, one of our local newspapers, before it was renovated and converted to Sisters Bistro.